Why Choose Us?

Handsome Properties International's relocation specialists have the knowledge and experience needed to point you in the right direction. 

Whether you are looking for a vacation rental or something a little more permanent, Handsome Properties International has a solution. Let us take the hassle out of planning and help you find the perfect fit.

Everyone is different, so we want to make sure to cater to your specific needs. Although no one imagines that they will spend much time in their apartment while traveling, it's important to know you're going home to a safe, relaxing atmosphere. Our trained relocation specialists can give you the knowledge needed to feel safe in a new place.

Handsome Properties International's Ethical Approach

At Handsome Properties, our number one goal is our client. We work hard to find the appropriate fit for you while keeping your budget and ideal situation in mind. Whether we are dealing with sellers, buyers, or renters, our approach is the same: work hard to find the best option available. We take our jobs seriously, and we pride ourselves on the number of happy clients who walk in and out of our door. 


Relocation Specialists

Elizabeth Dixon

cell: +33

email: elizabethd@handsomeproperties.com