Real Estate in the Paris Arrondissements

paris-arrondissementsParis is organized into 20 different districts or arrondissements as they are known by locals. Each is numbered, and are organized in a  clockwise spiral pattern similar to a snail shell on a map. Each arrondissement is also represented by its own municipality, with its own elected mayor.

Not sure which arrondissement you're in? not a problem! Each Paris arrondissement is easily identifiable by the last two numbers of an address' postal code. For example, if you have an address that is located in postal code 75006, that building can be found in the 6th arrondissement (or 6eme arrondissement in French).

The type of real estate found in each arrondissement varies significantly from location to location. Similar to New York City's boroughs, certain arrondissements feel more residential while others feature shopping, cafes, nightlife, etc. To learn more about real estate in the individual arrondissements in Paris, click the links below.

1st Arrondissement - Louvre

The most central of all of the districts, the 1st arrondissement is where you can find the majority of Paris' popular historic attractions...Read more.




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2nd Arrondissement - Bourse

The smallest of the districts, the 2nd arrondissement is largely a business district. It is home to The Palais de la Bourse (The Paris Stock Exchange) as well as the Bibliotheque nationale de France...Read more.



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3rd Arrondissement - Temple

One the oldest areas in Paris, the 3rd arrondissement is one of two districts (the other being the 4th arrondissement) that make up The Marais...Read more.




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4th Arrondissement - Hotel-de-Ville

The 4th arrondissement is the southernmost of the two districts making up The Marais historic area (along with the 3rd arrondissement)...Read more.






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5th Arrondissement - Pantheon

Directly across the Seine from The Marais is the young and vibrant 5th arrondissement. Young in the sense that many students can be found walking the streets on their way to campus...Read more.



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6th Arrondissement - Luxembourg

If you want to get a true feel for the left bank, head to the 6th arrondissement. What was once home to Paris' free-thinkers, bohemians, and writers, is now a fashionable neighbourhood full of tourists, happening cafes, and art galleries...Read more.



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7th Arrondissement - Palais-Bourbon

It doesn't get much more Parisian than the 7th arrondissement. Located on the south bank of the Seine right next to the 6th, this district is surprisingly quiet despite its high-profile attractions...Read more.



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8th Arrondissement - Elysee

Home to Paris' most famous boulevard, the Champs-Elysees, the 8th arrondissement is a diverse, but expensive area...Read more.




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9th Arrondissement - Opera

For a taste of Parisien culture, the 9th arrondissement is a hub for the arts. On one hand, you have the magnificent Opera Garnier and the Belle-Epoque department stores like the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps...Read more.



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10th Arrondissement - Entrepot

The relatively undiscovered 10th arrondissment is full of little surprises for the unsuspecting visitor. Ironically, it's where you can find two of Paris' busiest railway stations: Care du Nord, and Gare de l'Est...Read more.



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11th Arrondissement - Popincourt

If you're looking for a hip place to live in Paris, the 11th arrondissment is definitely in style. One of the more densely populated districts in town, this mainly residential area is populated with students, hipsters and artists alike...Read more.



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12th Arrondissement - Reuilly

One of the more lesser known areas of Paris, the 12th arrondissement is mainly a residential neighborhood. The 13th is bordered by Vincenne Park (also known as Bois de Vincennes or Paris' Lungs) to the east, which offers a pleasant retreat from city life...Read more.



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13th Arrondissement - Gobelins

The 13th arrondissement is located on the southern bank of the River Seine. Predominantly a residential area, homebuyers can find a number of high-rise apartment buildings...Read more.



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14th Arrondissement - Observatoire

If you're looking for a little peace and quiet, you may enjoy the 14th arrondissement. That doesn't translate into boredom, however. This is well you'll find the legendary Montparnasse District, was once the height of Paris' lively arts scene...Read more.




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15th Arrondissement - Vaugirard

The 15th arrondissement is by far the largest in size and population, although you would never guess it from its unassuming exterior...Read more.




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16th Arrondissement - Passy

If upscale living is what you seek, you'll find it in the 16th arrondissement. Known for its wealthy inhabitants, this exclusive area is also home to its cultural attractions...Read more.






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17th Arrondissement - Batignolles-Monceau

The 17th arrondissement is an area of contrasts. On one hand you have upscale homes Take a wrong turn, and you'll quickly find yourself in less than desirable areas...Read more.



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18th Arrondissement - Butte-Montmartre

The 18th arrondissement is synonymous with Montmatre, a district which historically housed the bohemians, artists, and writers...Read more.




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19th Arrondissement - Buttes-Chaumont

The 19th arrondissement is well-known for its beautiful parks, the most popular of which is Parc des Buttes Chaumont.The park's romantic atmosphere is a favorite among locals, who flock to it on weekends for panoramic views of the city...Read more.



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20th Arrondissement - Menilmontant

Traditionally a working class neighborhood of Paris, the 20th arrondissement offers visitors a refreshing change of scenery...Read more.




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