Touring Champagne, France

Posted by Deborah Fisher on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 at 9:33am.

Most people are aware that north-eastern France is home to the amazing region named Champagne, if the name isn't a dead give-a-way, the area producing some of the worlds finest Champagnes! There is also a great area off the beaten path that likewise gives some of the greatest touring areas and sight seeing for visitors to the region! L'Aube, is a smaller part to the Champagne region just a little east to Paris, which is located just off the path of the main Champagne areas.  Aube boasts beautiful areas that give great sites, historical preservation, and beauty to see and learn! 

This area of the region of course, also being a producer of champagne, gives those the chance to experience a different feel to the champagne region of France by giving it more of a local and smaller less corporation feel.  It gives visitors the great opportunity to learn about champagne making on a more detailed level with some of the local families who have lived and distributed champagne for decades! Interestingly enough this area of the Champagne region unlike others, rarely export any of it's champagnes internationally, in fact, most of them don't even make it outside of France.  Any person who is touring through this area will find that they can easily be invited to some of the tastings that will both satisfy their palate as well as give them the opportunity to explore various brands before making a selection.  The greatness in taking a tour and tasting of some of the various champagnes is that the families themselves as well as some of the hired tour guides give intricate detail when it comes to the making and production of their champagnes as well as the art, science, and history of it. 

Each year in Aube there is a festival that celebrates the showcasing of each of the champagnes in the region usually taking place between July the 30th and 31st.  Visitors are even offered a chance to tour the village itself and take a peek into not only the history of just champagne making in the area but also of the village itself, people, legacy, and landscape of Aube.  

And fabulous enough, the area is just a few short hours away from Paris, but conveniently tucked away in the gorgeous hillsides of France, stocked well on champagne of course! 

Deborah Fisher

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