Hidden Treasures of The Italian Riviera

Posted by Deborah Fisher on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 at 4:56pm.

When it comes to luxury, great travel, dining, and a fantastic place to stay, the Italian Riviera is unquestionably a destination that deserves recognition for its superb cuisines, hotels, sights, and cruises.  We've outlined some of the best places to go to the next time you're visiting the Italian coast, especially when it comes to eating, relaxing, and a little bit of leisure.  The Italian Riviera truly is a splendor of beauty mixing both the land and sea aspect when it comes to Italy and its coastlines.  We have outlined some of the greatest parts of the Italian Riviera just below that any visitor needs to be aware of when traveling abroad to this gorgeous area of Europe.  


The Italian Riviera has some of the best seaside towns and villages that consist heavily of rich history and food that best represent some of the Italian culture.  Needless to say, the entire coast itself is engulfed in great beaches! To highlight some of the best, we will start with some of the areas, such as The Riviera Ponente.  This area of the Italian Riviera is located just southwest of Genoa.  Italian for "Coast of the Sunset," this section of Italy consists of everything from white sandy beaches to jagged cliffs, giving any visitor the ability to see some of the diversity of the landscape that Italy has to offer.  Hotels and resorts which are lined upon the beaches are generally at their highest price point during July and August, as of course, many tourists as well as Italians come to escape the heat here during this time of the year.  Another great area counterpart to The Riviera Pontente would be The Riviera Levante, Italian for "Coast of the Sunrise."  This section of the Riveria would consists mainly of villages that actually rest on the water itself connected between land and water.  Many cultural festivals take place in this part of the Italian Riviera and have so for many decades past, including the International Ballet Festival! 


So it goes without saying that wherever you travel, food is one of the best aspects to experience when abroad! This area of Italy is known for its Ligurian food which itself is a dish offering a blend of olive oil as well as fresh foods mixed with a base of pine nuts, garlic, Parmigiano Reggiango, and fresh produce picked locally.  One renowned restaurant located in Portofino, Italy has been famous amongst many celebrities such as Andrea Bocelli, Naomi Campbell, and Alberto Tomba.  This cozy ristoranti offers not only amazing food but great views of the harbour with its proximity to the water.  It also gives visitors the chance to experience some great grilled seafood that is caught fresh from the adjoining sea.  Another great restaurant in the area is Da u Batti.  This amazing family restaurant offers another fantastic selection of seafood that is caught daily in the local harbor.  It offers great pastas as well as wine selections.  Luckily with the crowd of Portofino, Da u Batti is tucked away behind a few homes that use to belong to some of the local fishermen.  Located a little closer to the French-Italian Border in Sanremo, is Taverna al 29.  Some of their best dishes consists of antipasto and for the sweet tooth, gelato and sorbet!

Riviera Sights

When it comes to what to do exactly in the Italian Riviera the options are limitless, from everything from visiting art galleries, touring the Italian coast through a cruise ship, or even hiking some of the cliffs that are set amongst the gorgeous coastline, you will never have a dull moment when it comes to The Italian Riviera! For those more inclined towards the arts, The Academia delle Belle Arti homes some great art collections circa 1751 displaying great art pieces from the Baroque period.  Visitors of the Italian Riviera, of course, can also schedule a tour of the Harbor which is situated just inside the Genoa Inlet.  This boat tour also gives a 360 ride around the Laterna which is one of the oldest lighthouses in Italy, built in 1544.  For those inclined to see more of the sights and history that The Italian Riviera has to offer would be that of Noli and the ruined remains that are in the village. Most of the walkways are through cobblestoned streets that are filled with cafés as well as shops along the way.   

The Italian Riviera is by far, one of the greatest treasures that Italy has to offer with a rich and fantastic mixture of history, where culture meets the coast.  From the food to the beaches, this area of Italy is absolutely amazing to those considering to visit this amazing country to enjoy its splendor and divine history! 

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