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With amazing cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice, Milan is sometimes overlooked when planning a trip to Italy but the fashion mecca is definitely worth a visit. Milan offers fabulous shopping, impressive Neo-Gothic architecture and of course--pasta! 

Best time to go: May and June when the weather is starting to warm up and prime tourist season hasn't started yet. 

Where to stay: Chic 2 bedroom apartment right in the heart of the shopping district and across the street from the Armani hotel! 

What to see: below is a 24 hour itinerary of all the top places not to miss! 

1. A Double Decker Bus Tour is the perfect way to see a city like Milan! This is a great way to kick off a trip since this allows you to see everything in a short period

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Brittany, France is truly a treasure when it comes to exploring the country; known for its culture, beautiful beaches, gastronomy, and panoramic views.  Though it is known for many of its exciting activities, Brittany can also be an exciting destination and opportunity for many a hiker's dream! Brittany also is a top destination when it comes to hiking and walking in France, giving nearly 500,000 tourists the opportunity to discover the beautiful regions of Brittany from the coast to the hillside each year.  


Prefer a walk on the beach? Brittany has nearly 360 miles worth of coastal lines for any local or tourist to explore! One of the most popular waterfront resorts is Dinard, featuring several lovely sandy beaches. One in particular, plage

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France is one of the most beautiful places in the world to vacation in, so why should where you stay be any less spectacular! We're taking a close look at some of the best places in France to own a second home.  Proximity and area are absolutely key when it comes to where you should stay and the convenience it makes to its owner.  Each region of France offers a variety of culture, dining, and entertainment.  Hotels are always a nice stay, away from home, but to call something other than a hotel room your own makes any stay even more extraordinary.  We've broken it down by region on where we consider the best places to own a second dwelling when in the great country of France.  


Situated just south of Monaco and on the coast of France,

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france real estateIf you've ever thought about buying property in France, now is the time to act on that thought. While most of us only dream of owning homes in typically-vacation destinations like France, but that dream can soon be a reality for you in 2015. Here are the top 5 reasons that French real estate is on fire, according to Forbes Magazine:

Reason #1: Favorable currency rates, low France real estate prices, and French mortgage rates

When looking abroad in France for real estate, good currency rates and low prices are some of the many advantages listed by the Agences Immobilières that specialize in foreign buyers. They also add an intangible factor that's key to boosting housing prices: buyer's confidence, which is still weak around the country.


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french-riviera-real-estateOne of the most prominent areas amongst Handsome Properties clients is centered on the French Riviera. This area is also referred to by the French term, Côte d’Azur and includes many wonderful sites and homes. The French Riviera has always attracted tourists, from writers and artists of the 20th century to the gamblers and partiers of the 1920’s.

Today tourists travel from around the world to be drenched in the wonderful sunlight and fun that is the Côte d’Azur. Since the area is so vast here are a few must-do activities to ensure a wonderful trip to France.

French Riviera Real Estate Highlights

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is one of the most unique cities in France. Situated between Menton and Monaco, it seems to have two completely different

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french-riviera-real-estateNothing says summer like lounging beachside with an umbrella overhead and the sand beneath your feet. The French Riviera (also known as Provence) is known for its endless summer glamor and effortless beach-chic style. Handsome Properties International set out to discover the cities of La Napoule, Mougins and Cannes in hopes to observe the Cote d’Azur first hand.

The Beach City of La Napoule

La Napoule is a small town located along the French Riviera, southwest of Cannes. The charming beach city is famous for a 14th century restored chateau called Château de la Napoule. The Chateau was purchased by an American banker named Henry Clews Jr and restored to a private residence where he and his family lived. Mr. Clews was an artist and decorated the

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france-capital-gains-taxWhen you are ready to start looking for France real estate, it is important to know what tax incentives are out there in order to make the smartest financial decision possible. According to, the French government recently announced the French capital gains tax exemption law is reduced from 30 years to 22 years. In other words, you must own your home for at least 22 years before you can be exempt from the capital gains tax. The law was raised to 30 years from 15 years in early 2013, causing an outrage from the real estate industry.

The French government agreed to lower the capital gains tax exemption law to 22 years in an effort to attract foreign buyers and investors. In the United States, a year limit exemption does not exist but

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getting-married-in-parisWhat could more romantic than getting married in Paris? Handsome Properties International has a number of luxury international real estate properties that would make a perfect location for your destination wedding! From the beaches of Normandy to the lavender fields of Provence, we are here to help you find the perfect property for your perfect day.

If you are planning on getting married in France, renting one of our luxury apartments in Paris would be a great alternative to the traditional hotel room. Imagine getting ready in a chic apartment in the 7th with your bridesmaids, sunlight flooding in through the French windows. By choosing to rent your own place, you will have all of the comforts and space of home. Also, a Parisian apartment could double

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Summertime in Provence is the perfect time of year to visit the infamous Provence lavender fields! Lavender primarily blooms late June through August.  Sunflowers start blooming late July and can be found growing in the same fields with lavender until the end of August.

Provence Lavender originally came from the Old World and Canary Island and spread across the South of France and throughout Southern Europe. Today, people travel from all over the world to take photos of the bursting lavender fields. Some of the most picturesque places to spot these rolling purple pastures are in the heart of Provence in the Luberon Valley.

Best places in Provence to Find Lavender

A few of the best places to spot these gorgeous fields of are the the Pays de Sault

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paris-eventsAs flowers begin to bloom and temperatures begin to rise, the city of Paris comes alive again after a long, grey winter. Parisians venture to wear brighter colors than the usual black, café patrons spend a little longer on the terraces and the city is bursting with numerous outdoor events. From a Jazz Festival in St. Germain to a Steeple Chase in Paris, there is sure to be something for everyone! Whether you are a local or someone looking for an apartment to rent in Paris for a vacation, here are some of the most exciting events in the City of Lights this spring.

Museum Night: May 17th An initiative started by the French Department of Culture in 2005, Museum Night has turned into a huge success. On May 17th from dusk until 1am, the museums are open to

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