5 Must-Try Restaurants in Florence

Posted by Deborah Fisher on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 10:29am.

Florence, Italy is one of the hottest destinations known for its world famous architecture and breathtaking artistic masterpieces. This city is truly a place where it is impossible to see everything in just one trip. The sights, history, buildings, culture, and the people are all what makes Florence such a unique and desirable destination. However, the culinary presence in this city is one that is lusted over all over the globe. Come take a look at some of the hottest restaurants in Florence.

1. Caffè Florian 

The original Caffè Florian dates back to 1720 and is known as one of the oldest running establishments in the world. The restaurant just opened in 2013 with a huge change in the menu in 2015 as a new chef was brought on board in 2015. Massimiliano Catizzone has transformed the former Venetian inspired menu overwhelmed by seafood into food influence by carne and pasta. 


2. Konnubio 

Konnubio is one of the hottest contemporary dining experiences in Florence guided by head chef Beatrice Segoni, who has helped her former restaurants reach five-stars. The ambience and staff in this wonderful establishment cannot be beat. Have no fear if dietary restrictions keep you from dining out, Konnubio provides options for most lifestyles. Make sure to add this wonderful dining destination to your list you won't want to miss it! 

3. Berberè

Although Florence is not the prime destination for pizza when compared to places in Southern Italy, the restaurant Bereberè proves that wrong. Their homemade pizza dough with options ranging from ancient grain to whole wheat along with a cornucopia of eclectic toppings truly set them apart and keep patrons coming back. If this isn't enticing enough lets discuss their Italian craft beer pairings with each of the pizza offered on the menu.   

4. Culinaria Bistrot 

If your go to menu consists of seasonal cuisine and numerous small plates, Culinaria Bistrot is the place for you! The restaurant will make you feel right at home with a slow-food service that presents plates filled with local ingredients consisting of cheeses, olive oils, meats, and spices. The cuisine is not the only attraction, this restaurant is also known for their culture and art events such as live poetry and music. This cozy culinary destination is not one to pass up! 


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