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 Villa Michelangelo | Tuscany, Italy   

So you’ve decided to make the big move overseas, but what about your pets? Luckily, today, it is much easier to move your pets to Europe from the U.S. Find everything you need to know below and make sure to consult with your primary veterinarian so your pets can travel comfortably and safely.

1. Veterinarian Forms & Requirements:

Your pet’s two main requirements for entry into the EU will be (1) rabies vaccination and (2) an EU-compatible microchip

The chip must be an ISO 15-digit microchip, either 11784 or 11785. Your pet must also have a rabies vaccination after the chip is implanted and at least 21 days before your flight departs. This is the case even if your pet already has a valid rabies

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Costa Rica is not a hard sell to those looking for a sunny, relaxing vacation. It has so many different attractions to offer its guests. One day, you could be sitting on a warm beach and the next, you could be zip lining through the rainforest canopies. From exploring volcanoes to relaxing in the hot springs, there are an endless amount of activities to busy yourself with while on vacation. What many people don't realize, though, is that Central America is growing in popularity as a second home destination. Because of Costa Rica's political and financial stability, many believe that real estate is largely a low risk investment. Here are five reasons to consider purchasing property in Costa Rica.

1. Beautiful Beaches Around (Just About) Every

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