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Why you should definitely make the Bahamas your next Caribbean Vacation Destination

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The Bahamas is a beautiful island country in the Caribbean that stands out among most Caribbean Islands. It is a coral-based archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean made up of 700 islands and cays that are both resort occupied and uninhabited. Most people associate a trip to the Bahamas with the amazing Atlantis on the northern part of the Island, Paradise Island. However, there are in fact 699 other islands and cays to visit including the fun and quaint Andros Island.

Andros Island Photo Credit: expedia.com


Snorkeling sites and scuba diving sites are popular throughout the island to see

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Beautiful Beaches, Cliffs, Amazing Views, Fresh Fish, and Limoncello!


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The Amalfi Coast is both the perfect place for a dream vacation and spectacular home destination. Costiera Amalfitana, or the Italian translation of the Amalfi Coast, sits along the incredible southern coastline of the Sorrentino Peninsula of Italy. The steep roads and colorful buildings come to meet the edge of the cliffs with the most beautiful and serene blue waters that provide only a sublime view to its locals and visitors.

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The coastline stretches 50 kilometers of rocky shores, colorful homes and buildings, narrow alley ways, and ancient steps climbing up and around the cliff villages.

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 Art Classes in Italy in the form of 'Painting Holidays' at Art-Toscana in Tuscany, Italy

Photo Taken From Art-Toscana.com

Take a ‘Painting Holiday’ this summer in Italy at the charming and elegant Valley of the Well. A beautiful Tuscan farm house hosted by the owners Chris and Krysia, called the “Val di Pozza,” or the Italian translation of Valley of the Well. The local Italian couple host guests from Tuesday to Tuesday, what they call a “painting holiday” for the cheapest flights and less crowded travel days.


The Val di Pozza is warm and welcoming with just a short distance to the Medieval Village of Borga. Along with calm and inspirational painting studios, Chris and Krysia offer accommodations for non-painting activities. They offer

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 5 New Restaurants in Paris with Excellent Reviews

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor.com East Mamma, Paris, France.


1. East Mamma

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Located on 133, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, near the Place de la Bastille. East Mamma is a welcoming Italian restaurant open for lunch and dinner with special dishes from Tuscany and Naples. This friendly trattoria offers delicious pizza at reasonable dining prices with amazing appetizers and wine.



2.  Mathieu-Pacaud Histoires

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Photo Credit: hexagone-paris.fr & tripadvisor.com

Located on 85 av. Kleber, a small restaurant that only seats 12 guest with intricate architecture and alcove designs. It is an

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Take a Trip to Barcelona!

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Barcelona is known for its beauty of being a large cultural port city on the Mediterranean Sea. The city is very rich in culture, Spanish history, architecture, art, gothic churches, and museums. It is a very charming and warm city with friendly people and vibrant welcoming streets.


Barcelona is a great walking city with buildings that cover ancient Spanish architectural design. There are great restaurants throughout the city and in certain districts. The local cuisine consists of many flavorful dishes of local fish and vegetables along with great desserts and local fruit. The food is amazing at the local sandwich shops, pannini shops, and cafe's around the streets of Barcelona. The

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Take a Vacation in the French Alpes this Spring and walk through the valley of Breil, Saorge Village, and La Brigue

Breil sur roya, Photo Credit: Behance.net

There are some wonders of the world that simply go unnoticed. Take the road less traveled this Spring and sight see through the beautiful mountains and hidden valleys of the French Alpes. After taking the train into the Provencal mountain villages, you'll find yourself in a different world where terracotta roofs and church steeples are caved in by the gorgeous mountain ranges and touched by turquoise rivers flowing through the mountain pass. Three small mountain villages in the valleys of the French Alpes-maritimes; Breil, Saorge, and La Brigue offer an amazing experience to any traveler

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