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Amazing & Authentic Cooking Classes in a Medieval Village of Tuscany

Photo Credit: Cook in Tuscany's Fresh Ravioli, cookintuscany.com

Cook in Tuscany is an award winning local Tuscan cooking program in a hill top medieval village called Montefollonico. This charming village is isolated from the busy tourist areas, surrounded by castle walls, and faces the vineyards of Montepulciano. Here you can enjoy unlimited wine, great cooking, and amazing tours overlooking a beautiful view of Tuscany.

Local Tuscan women, who share recipes from their “nonnas” or grandmas in Italian, teach the cooking classes with fresh and homemade ingredients. In fact, before every cooking class, the local men of the village take you along to the fresh farm fields

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Courchevel Ski Resort

Centre of Courchevel 1650 Resort, Photo Credit: express.co.uk

FranceTODAY has announced the top ski resort to visit is the Courchevel Ski Resort in the French Alps. This beautiful ski resort is located in the commune of Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, in the Rhone-Alpes region of the France country. The resort’s surrounding panoramic views of the Alps make it an extraordinary destination for all Parisians, British Royalty, and Russian VIPS.

Hotel Les Airelles Photo credit: Courchevel.com

The resort is made up of of four villages, each with different hotels and town areas, including the famous and luxurious Les Airelles, an award-winning Austria-Hungary themed Palace Hotel. There are 16 five-star hotels in Courchevel and

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5 Amazing Spanish Dishes That Will Spice up Your Life

Photo Credit: Taste.com, Spanish Tortilla Espanola

Spain is a wonderful country with friendly and kind people and a most delightful cuisine filled with tasty authentic flavors and specific regional ingredients.

1. Croquettes

Photo Credit:acorninmykitchen.com

Croquetas are mini bite size croquettes filled with hot melted queso, sometimes cured ham and manchego cheese, or even mushrooms. There are many alternatives for croquettes including cheese and sweet-spiced Spanish sausage called morcilla. A warm plate of Croquettes are perfect for a delicious appetizer before lunch or dinner for a smooth flavor.

2. Empanada

Photo Credit: expanish.com

Empanadas are a tasty meat

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A 2 Day Itinerary for the Perfect Trip to Tuscany!

Image of The Castello Di Verrazzano in the Chianti Wine Region of Tuscany

Photo Credit: Castello di Verrazzano Media.

Tuscany is most famously known as the beautiful countryside and wine region of Italy. Some of the most beautiful wine vineyards in Italy are in the region of Tuscany and of the regions of Tuscany, in Chianti. The Villas in the countryside are most elegant and peaceful, surrounded by acres of olive and grape gardens with breath taking mountain views.

The most ideal place to stay in Tuscany would be in a countryside villa, to find peace of mind for a perfect relaxing vacation. A villa in the countryside is the most suitable place for authors to come find their thoughts and

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Positano, Italy. Photo Credit: Amalfidreaming.com

 1.  Rome, Italy

Rome has many wonders to its historic and ancient city as the capital of Italy. Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica are both spiritually and architecturally moving places to visit. There is so much art and culture from the remnants of the Ancient Roman Empire and the Renaissance artists to see such as Michelangelo’s breathtaking Sistine Chapel.

A tour of the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and a trip to the famous Trevi Fountain or ‘La Fontana di Trevi’ are wonderful attractions for the perfect trip to Italy. The Roman cuisine is filled with love, as the Romans do! Hundreds of pasta dishes and gelato combinations as well as amazing restaurants and café’s for pizza and

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A list of top attractions, sights to visit, and restaurants in the City of Paris perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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For a wonderful Valentine’s Day in the romantic city of Paris, a visit to the breathtaking Notre-Dame Cathedral would be a great place to start. Couples can enjoy the experience of the gothic art and detailed structures of the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The famous Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of many incredible religious art structures to see in Paris. Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with a loved one, a friend, or simply with the peace of mind of yourself, a visit to the Sacred Heart Basilica of MontMarte is another

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