December 2015

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We get it. Buying a house-whether down the road or “across the pond”-can be stressful. You might feel like you don’t even know where to begin. To ease your worries, we put together a simply step-by-step process make buying a home in France fun rather than overwhelming!

Step 1: Know the conversion rates                                                                                     

While rates change every day depending on the strength of the currency, you want to make sure you know how that $ converts to €. Presently, the exchange rate is $1. to €.91; however, be sure to do a quick Google search of the conversion rate before you have your heart set on a property.

Step 2:  Make sure you understand what’s being said       

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So maybe your took French in high school ( many years ago?) or maybe you dedicated yourself to learning Spanish instead. Yet here you are, about to take a trip to France, and still are not sure how to ask where the restroom is located. While that accent will take many months (and likely many glasses of vino).

Watch TV

Because the average American spends approximately 34 hours a week watching television, this is great opportunity to switch on some French soaps, or even the French dubbed version of your favorite show (Friends, anyone?). Hearing how natives speak will give you a better feel for the accent, and the visual aid of watching the show will help you understand what they’re discussing. Even putting on the French subtitles while

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The international division of Handsome Properties, Inc. offers clients the opportunity to make their dreams of buying and renting abroad come true. Whether the goal is owning a piece of investment property or renting an apartment for a weeks’ getaway, Handsome Properties International has the inventory and the knowledge to make it happen.

We consider ourselves lucky to represent so many truly extraordinary properties each with its own amazing history. Michelangelo’s Tuscan Villa is a perfect example of just that. That’s right, the artist best known for painting the scenes from Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel once called this Italian residence home and it is for sale for 7.5 Million Euro.

Michelangelo’s nephew was tasked with

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