November 2015

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We’ve all been there- that moment when you’re out at a lovely restaurant and completely and utterly overwhelmed by the wine list. Is pairing reds with beef and whites with chicken and fish still a rule? While a lot of people still try to adhere to this general guideline, it’s becoming more and more common to disregard the “rule” and order what you like! If you’re still not sure which wine pairs nicely with your meal, we’ll try to help you make your vino decision a little easier.


·     Bleu cheese pairs well with sweeter Sauternes.

·     If you’re ordering Brie, chicken, lobster or scallops, a Chardonnay will be your best bet.

·     As far as vegetables go, if you’re ordering asparagus or artichoke, it is best to pair it with a citrusy

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Florence has long been known as one of the world’s art meccas. It is estimated that about 60% of the world’s art is in Italy, and of that, about half of them are in Florence! So do yourself a favor and do not leave this incredible city without seeing some incrediable works of art. We’re making it easy for you.

1. Michelangelo’s The Florentine Pieta, also known as The Deposition
This beautiful classic is currently on display at Museo del Opera del Duomo, and the entrance fee for the museum is €6

2. The Dome of the Duomo of Florence, by Filippo Brunelleschi
This beautiful dome can easily be seen for free, however if you’d like to climb up the 463 steps to the cupola to get a better view, the admission is €8 and €11for the museum.

3. Botticelli’s Birth of

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