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Nico Romo has directed Patrick Properties Hospitality Group’s celebrated culinary programs across four historic Charleston venues since 2007, reimagining classic French cuisine with delicate Asian touches and locally harvested ingredients. 

Chef Romo was most recently named a Monterey Bay Aquarium 2015 Sustainable Seafood Ambassador and member of the Seafood Watch® Blue Ribbon Task Force – recognizing the commitment to ocean-friendly seafood and Lowcountry fishermen that shapes his seasonal menu at Fish Restaurant in Downtown Charleston. He also attended the James Beard Foundation Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change with a focus on seafood advocacy, selected from more than 450 applicants nationwide. In 2014 he was a host chef for Charleston’s

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Patricia B in France

An expat, Patricia writes about beauty, food, cultural mishaps, and adjusting to life in France. Check out Patricia B in France for lots of fun tips, and even some common myths about the French debunked!

David Lebovitz

If you’re in the mood for something sweet (who isn’t?), be sure to read David Lebovitz’s blog, Living the Sweet Life in Paris. Your mouth will undoubtedly water over the delicious photos and recipes, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to try one out for yourself!

Savoir Faire Paris

French for “expertise” and “suavity,” Savoir Faire Paris offers insight on everything from upcoming events to the best places to practice yoga. Definitely an insider’s perspective on where to

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Wine Tours in Tuscany

When in Tuscany, one must absolutely try a variety of the wines produced in that region. What better way to expand your palate for vino than a wine tour?! From Chianti Classico to Bolgheri, there is something everyone will enjoy.

Rated #1 on Trip Advisor, Wine Tour in Tuscany offers a variety of options of not only wine varieties, but also the location of the tour! You can sip your wine while touring some beautiful historic sites including castles, abbeys, and medieval villages.

Tuscan Wine Tours offers private premium tours, which include a private guide, transportation to three wineries, and of course, delicious gastronomy. Tuscan Wine Tours has a great group of guides, all of whom are

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le Viaduc des arts overlooked by the Promenade PlanteePhoto: Alamy

While being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris also has the tendency to do some damage to your wallet! If you’re looking to make the most out of your trip to Paris and save some euros along the way, check out these free things to do while in the City of Light.

First Free Sundays

Admission to top museums, such as the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay, is free the first Sunday of each month in Paris! If you’re lucky enough that your trip falls in the beginning of the month, be sure to take advantage of this great deal, which can save you up to €100!

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to iconic Notre Dame. Fortunately, admission to this landmark is free, and the experience is

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