June 2015

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Need a little je ne said quoi to hold you over until your next trip to France? Check out these top rated French restaurants in the Holy City!

Bin 152

Wine, cheese and charcuterie bar located on Lower King Street. Decorated in French Brocant style furniture and art, Bin 152 offers a romantic spot for happy hour or appetizer before dinner. Their menu features a large selection of cheeses from various regions of France and their extensive wine lists hosts France and Italian favorites.

Chez Nous

Located in the up and coming Elliotborough neighborhood, Chez Nous is owned by the same French-American couple as Bin 152. The hip and intimate dining scene offers a different menu daily consisting of 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and 2 desserts to

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Calling all wine connoisseurs and natural sommeliers! 

The coveted land stretching along the Loire River is home to a select few of the world’s oldest and most praised wine territories in history. This brief overview of the Loire Valley will open doors to new friends who share the same admiration for elegant vino. The Loire Valley’s beauty and wonderful culture made it an easy addition to the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Starting with Pays Nantais, located on the west coast of Brittany near Nantes, this region is well known for Muscadet. Production dating back to the Roman era has left a perfected white wine with a dry seaside crisp.

The Anjou, once rivaled the Kingdom of France, encapsulates the best sweet wines of the Loire that are made

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