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The city of love may be known for its world-famous architecture and art, but this metropolitan wonder has so much more to offer than just the iconic things like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre that so many have come to love. Paris is a  modern city that is always evolving, always changing and is anything but mundane in its desire to be known as a city of progress. Below is a list of the top new attractions to experience on your next adventures to Paris. 

1. Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé

This  cinema and museum is nothing short of extraordinary. Where else can you watch silent B&W movies to the sound of a live pianist? The Pathé Foundation ( is tucked away in a former theatre and cinema dating to 1869 in the 13th

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Have you ever considered packing your bags and camera and going to see the world? Well, you should. Seeing the world through back of the lens allows a traveler an opportunity to be able to see the world around them in a new perspective and give closer detail to the little things. 

travel photography

Experience the best of both worlds

Being able to capture a moment that paints a picture of life in that particular moment requires skill and attention to detail. Those looking to experience the best of both worlds by traveling to scenic, photogenic locations will also enjoy the perks of honing in on a new skill and discovering the secrets to creating a beautiful photo. 

Capturing your favorite memories

It really is the little things that make a trip abroad so

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Enjoy dining in the fresh air? Paris has much to offer; from tranquil patio gardens to upbeat sidewalk storefronts, there are many memorable meals ahead. Take to the terrace, deck or rooftop whether it is under the stars or sun. After thorough research, here is a quick look at the top three restaurants you should dine at:

Le Domaine de la Corniche

domain de la cornicheWith a beautiful terrace overlooking the Seine, this is a perfect location for business lunches or simply a moment of relaxation during your travels. Chef Vakhtang Meliava offers innovating cuisine, a clever play on flavors of the authentic French culinary tradition.

Mini Palais

mini palaisIn the heart of the Golden Triangle, a mere walk from Champs Elysées, the Mini Palais stands grandly on the Avenue Winston

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