March 2015

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best-paris-coffee-shopsVisiting Paris anytime soon? Lets grab a coffee!

Over the years the café culture within Paris has been deemed very lively with plenty conversation and croissants to be had. Being a coffee connoisseur, you must be dying to experience a quality café in the beautiful city of Paris. Although the atmosphere is very aesthetic, your espresso or cappuccino might be otherwise.

Bringing us to the discuss the new wave of cafes opening up all over the city, with baristas who, along with the atmosphere, take their quality of coffee seriously. With beans from Ethiopia, Salvador and Guatemala your next coffee in Paris will taste revolutionary.

La Caféotheque

This is where the ‘new’ coffee wave started seven years ago, created by ‘Coffeology’ master Gloria

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things-to-do-in-amsterdamYou've arrived in one of the greatest small cities of Europe: Amsterdam. Now what? Amsterdam is a diverse city full of culture, nightlife, and friendly people. The best way to experience it is to explore it. We list our top 5 favorite things to do in Amsterdam, Holland.

Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Known for his eloquent paintings in the post-impressionist style, Van Gogh became one of the world’s most renowned Dutch artists. Upon entering the museum you will see the building is a modern work of art welcoming all to become entranced in each gallery room. His most famous works include Starry Night and Sunflowers. 

Check Out Vondelpark

After visiting the Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark is within perfect walking distance to catch some fresh air or a

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italian-villas-for-saleItaly luxury real estate is certainly some of the most eye catching. Striking a fine balance between breathtaking scenery and history, these elegant properties full of Old World charm make the perfect residence or vacation home. Take at look at these 4 stunning Italian villas for sale, and dream up your very own fairytale.

Enchanting Asti Castle

Location: Asti, Piedmont, IT
Price: Available upon request

Live like royalty in this enchanting castle located just 9 miles from Asti in Piedmont, IT. Dated to the year 1000, this 12 bedroom, 10 bathroom property sitting on 1.5 hectares of rolling countryside was made for kings. This prestigious home is impeccably styled with hardwood and tile flooring, vaulted ceilings, and frescoed bedrooms. The

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france real estateIf you've ever thought about buying property in France, now is the time to act on that thought. While most of us only dream of owning homes in typically-vacation destinations like France, but that dream can soon be a reality for you in 2015. Here are the top 5 reasons that French real estate is on fire, according to Forbes Magazine:

Reason #1: Favorable currency rates, low France real estate prices, and French mortgage rates

When looking abroad in France for real estate, good currency rates and low prices are some of the many advantages listed by the Agences Immobilières that specialize in foreign buyers. They also add an intangible factor that's key to boosting housing prices: buyer's confidence, which is still weak around the country.


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