January 2015

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top-travel-destinationsWith every New Year brings the opportunity to explore new places and travel to destinations unknown. If there’s ever a time to create a travel bucket list it’s normally during the New Year when people reflect on their past accomplishments and dream of their future goals. If traveling is on your list of resolutions this year, then we have selected the top 5 travel destinations you won’t want to miss in 2015.

San Jose, Costa Rica           

Vibrant and packed with Victorian mansions, Costa Rica's rowdy, bustling capital San Jose was built on the profits of the coffee trade and working "golden bean" plantations still surround the city. Try freshly roasted local beans at Mercado Central. For shinier gold, visit the Museo del Oro. Many renovated

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cuban-real-estateOn December 17, 2014, President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced the beginning of a process of normalizing relations between Cuba and the United States. This agreement would lift some U.S. travel restrictions, fewer restrictions on remittances, give U.S. banks access to the Cuban financial system,and the establish a U.S. embassy in Havana, which closed after Cuba became closely allied with the USSR in 1961.

Opening the Door For Cuba Real Estate

So, what does this mean for Cuban real estate and its value? According to the World Property Journal, this will benefit both Cuban and U.S. economies- just not overnight. Experts are predicting a boom in resort style properties, marinas, luxury hotels, and a large push in the residential

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