October 2014

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umbria-italy-real-estateUmbria real estate in Italy is becoming increasingly popular with the real estate moguls of the world. Handsome Properties International handles countless properties in Umbria, as well as the surrounding areas. Why has the spike in tourism increased recently though and what could one do when they get there?

Umbria: "The Green Heart" of Italy

Umbria is in the center of Italy and has many Etruscan sites and medieval hill towns. It is often referred to as “the green heart” of Italy because of its large, beautiful parks. Umbria is not only home to beautiful land features but is also home to some of Italy’s largest lakes and spectacular waterfalls. The cost of living is also considerably less than its neighbor, Tuscany, and has therefore become

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costa-rica-vacation-homesCosta Rica is quickly becoming one of the newest hot spots for real estate investment and for many good reasons. The country has been nicknamed the “Switzerland of South America” thanks to its stable government and political scene. If year round beach weather and friendly locals aren’t enough of a reason to invest in Costa Rica real estate, we have compiled a few reasons that might make you give Costa Rica a second look.

Democratic and Stable Government

Costa Rica benefits from a stable democratic government and does not have a military, only local police forces and a Coast Guard. Their government is very similar to the United States’ with a constitution and checks and balances in place. The “army free” environment attracts clientele such as

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ebola-travelAfter reading any headline this week or simply watching your nightly news, you may feel weary of flying internationally. Being surrounded by many strangers in a capsule thousands of feel up in the sky sounds like a breeding ground for the dreaded virus we have all been hearing and talking about.

While many common viruses such as the flu or even a simple cold can be transmitted during plane rides, the concern of the nation today is this: can we feel safe flying without the fear of contracting Ebola.

How Ebola is transmitted

Ebola can be transmitted several ways. These mainly include

  • Blood or body fluids (including but not limited to urine, saliva, sweat, feces, vomit, and other bodily fluids) of a person who is showing Ebola symptoms
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